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Detention is boring – unless you’re part of the Detention Gang and then anything can happen! Follow Stacy, Leigh, Tyler, Bung and Holly as they fight zombies with fire extinguishers and battle vampires with cricket bats. A little bit scary and lots of fun!





No more boring detentions when you belong to the Detention Gang. Stacey, Leigh, Tyler, Bung and Holly battle vampire with rounders bats, cricket bats and hockey sticks. A little bit scary and lots of fun!







Danny Down the Drainpipe cover



Danny Down The Drainpipe

Danny’s adventure takes him down the drainpipe and out to sea, where he follows the rain cycle.
Suitable for children aged 2 – 7 years. £5.00 (£6.50 with p + p)


Not As Pointless As You Think

A collection of short and shorter stories. Available in paperback (published by Deadstar Publishing) or as an audio book from In Ear Entertainment.
Life, like this book, is full of odd acquaintances, wry conversations and unbelievable acts.
These thirty-five stories will give us a glimpse into the lives of Alvin, the biker-without-a-bike, Nibsey,
the upside-down balancing-boy, poor girl Claire, and other unforgettable personalities.Paperback:£5.00 (£6.50 with p + p)
Ashes Of A Valleys Childhood

A collection of poetry illuminating what it was like to grow up in the South Wales valleys in the 1960s and ’70s.Published by
Mulfran Press
Anthologies that include Lynda’s poetry or short fiction
Dance new cover The Dance Is New A varied take on the human disposition, utilising a broad range of poetic structures to focus the readers’ minds on the four themes.ExposurExposure covere is an exciting anthology of prose poetry and micro-fiction from over 1,000 writers in Wales the UK and across the globe. Ranging across love, loss, hate, journeys and other oddities these finely written pieces constantly surprise, delight and challenge.