Zombies, Vampires and Other Scary Stories…

The Detention Gang

(Written by Lynda Nash and Melanie Smith)

Stacy, Leigh, Holly and Bung aren’t the naughtiest pupil at St Blodwen’s High School but somehow they always end up in detention. But this is no ordinary school and detention at St Blod’s is far from boring. In fact, you could say it’s a bit silly… and a bit scary… and lots of fun. But don’t trust the teachers, the janitor or the kitchen staff because you never know who will turn bad next.

(For ages 8 – 11 years.)


Book One: Day of the Desperate

St Blodwen’s is taken over by zombies and The Detention Gang are prepared to fight to save the lives of their fellow pupils and to save each other. Find out the real purpose of canteen cabbage and whether Tyler, the most popular boy in the school, survives to ask Stacy to be his girlfriend.


Book Two: Day of the Dead

OMG there’s blood dripping from the ceiling – that can only mean one thing: vampires! St Blod’s is infested and it’s up to the Detention Gang defeat the blood suckers with bats and mop handles. But what would you do if one of those vampires was your friend?


Coming soon: Day of the Disgusting. Book three in the Detention Gang series.